Overdue update. Let’s talk Buti! 

Wow, it’s been a while and a half since I’ve used this site! Since my last words have landed here exciting things have happened!

 On the top of that list is that I’ve become a certified Buti yoga instructor! (Booty yoga? Like yoga for ya bootayyy, you ask!) Well, not quite, although it will give you a nice one. ( )( ) Buti yoga is a dynamic blend of vinyasa style yoga, plyometrics (think wicked strength!) and tribal dance (think wicked fun!). And that combo is…well let’s just say, pure, hardcore, freeing Buti BLISS. 
Within the practice of Buti yoga we believe that every woman posses divine strength and acute intuition within herself. We also acknowledge that the world and life in general can add layers to our beings that feel nothing like strength or divine anything. Buti yoga is our own personal vehicle to strip those layers away, to come into our innate strength and power. We allow our bodies to lead and tap into our intuition, we shimmy, we shake, we spiral, we roar, we drip sweat, we circle up like wild warrior women of days past. It is our place to be fierce and fight for our own hearts. 

Weakness, inhibitions, fear, negativity, judgement, are all layers over our true souls, waiting to be peeled away. 

I invite you, warrior goddess woman, to come to your mat and reveal your inner strength. 

At Wild Air Yoga studio:

• Thursdays 7pm 

• Sunday’s 7pm 

$7 per class. 10 class pass for $60. 

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