Take me here, take me there, take me anywhere…where the wind blows 

As much as I love my yoga studio and all its cozy charm, my heart and my body love yoga in the Wilds the most!   Melding yoga and the Great Outdoors is where my passion truly lies. There is just something remarkable about feeling the wild air combing gently through  your hair and the rough, strong earth beneath you as you move and breathe.  To climb a mountain side, hike a trail or even bike a path knowing the reward of breath and flow and intentional movement awaits you at your destination is motivation enough for me!

How truly blessed I am to live in the heart of what I consider (however I may be a little biased) the most beautiful country in the North Eastern United States. How truly blessed I am to have been able to pursue my love of yoga and fulfill the desire to share the journey with others. I’m thrilled to be continuing my path and be taking the steps towards blending my passion for the outdoors and the transforming ability of yoga into a unique crafted experience.

In the months, perhaps years, to come I hope to develop my passions into a service for all of those with a seeking soul, a need to feel strength coursing through their veins and the wind in their hair.


~ Live in the sunshine. Swim in the sea. Drink the wild air. ~

IMG_20160621_123441 (1)

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